Souvenir shop in Australia donates 10% of profits to help Aboriginal children


Australian souvenir shop

We are too poor to pay for education, but until we have an education, we will always be poor …

Australia Souvenir Gift Shop ( will donate ten percent of its profits from the sale of Australian souvenirs online to the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society (ACAS), a New Brunswick organization. South Wales which helps Aboriginal children with health, housing and educational needs.

Australia Souvenir Gift Shop specializes in selling unique Australian gifts as travel souvenirs and treasures to share the Australian experience with people around the world who are unable to make the trip in person. It specializes in the display of indigenous artwork handcrafted by the indigenous peoples of Australia.

“With our donation to ACAS, we hope to raise awareness of Aboriginal traditions and needs, as well as raise funds that will help future Aboriginal children to learn,” said James, Account Manager in charge of Australian memories.

The owners are committed to sharing Australia’s unique cultural and ecological heritage with the rest of the world. Many animal species, such as the kangaroo and koala, are native only to Australia. For those who know how to travel, a trip to the “lowlands” to enjoy the rich culture and diverse environment is a rewarding experience.

But since not everyone can visit Australia, gift items that represent the wealth of Aboriginal craftsmanship can bring a little bit of Australia into people’s homes, no matter where they are. The owners strive to make their website accessible and user-friendly so that every visitor has a positive experience and can learn more about Australia when they visit online.

“Aboriginal artisans design and create their handicrafts with skill, precision and dedication. We love the idea of ​​honoring their tradition by donating a percentage of our profits to support them. It is a simple and effective way to help Aboriginal children have a safe and healthy place to stay while they are in school, ”said James.

Australia Souvenir Gift Shop supports the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society because Aboriginal adolescents in transition to cities faced health and wellness challenges due to isolation and neglect. In 1963, ACAS was founded to meet these needs and has worked successfully to help children continue their education.

Australia Souvenir Gift Shop is a website created to help people share their love of Australia with family and friends. For more information on Australian gifts, visit, or contact James on 1800 004 372 (international number: +614 0101 8464) or by mail (at) australiasouvenir (dot) com.


Jacques, account manager

Company: Australia Souvenir Gift Shop

Address: Sydney, New South Wales

Telephone: 1800 004 372 (International number: +614 0101 8464

Email: mail (at) australiasouvenir (dot) com



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