ISIS opens “souvenir shop” selling branded baseball caps and replica execution swords – World News

Located in Mosul, northern Syria, the ghoulish corner store sells Jihadi-John-style balaclavas, sneakers, soccer balls, and even Adidas track tops.

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ISIS releases images showing the interior of its theme park and sponsored gift shop in Iraq

Sick souvenir hunters can now add ISIS branded baseball caps and flags to their collections when the terrorist organization opens a gift shop.

Located in Mosul in northern Syria, the corner store also sells Jihadi-John style balaclavas, sneakers, soccer balls, and even Adidas track tops.

Replicas of the execution sword used to sever the heads of Western journalists and aid workers are also on sale.

The well-stocked and well-lit shelves also contain more conventional terrorist equipment, including AK47s and bullets.

Souvenirs: the shop sells branded flags and t-shirts

The images are from the Nineveh State Information Office, which is the old name for Mosul, and show buyers browsing through memorabilia and guns.

The city of Mosul fell to ISIS in January of last year when they invaded, chased out Iraqi army soldiers and freed 1,000 inmates from the local prison.

Outfitters: terrorists can buy everything they need for a day of jihad

The site says, “In the name of Allah the Merciful. Nineveh State Information Office. Shop selling military equipment in the city of Mosul.

Leisure: The store also offers Adidas tracksuits and sneakers

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