How to gift art for the holidays

Of course, buying art for someone else can be intimidating. But if you do it right, it can be one of the most thoughtful, unique, and beloved gifts you can give (not to mention a perfect option for that person who has it all).

So how do you choose a piece your recipient will love? We turned to Aubrey Tunnell, Gallery Director at YellowKorner on Lady Avenue., for her advice on the art of gifting, the pieces she loves right now, and having a plan B.

Why does art make a great holiday gift?
Art makes a great holiday gift for several reasons. The main reason is that it is timeless. It is a gift that your loved one can keep in their home forever. Art never goes out of fashion! It can also show a loved one how much you thought about them. Art is a very personal gift, you have to really know a person’s tastes, tastes and style to choose the right piece for them. It’s the perfect gift to give to show someone how much you love them and that they feel truly appreciated.

High density by Laurent Dequick

Who should you buy art for and who shouldn’t you buy it for?
Art can be purchased for anyone, but the style and theme should vary from person to person. Your sister might like this haute couture nude, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for your stepmom. We have every imaginable theme in our gallery. That’s the beauty of photography! We’ve got beautiful pieces of nature and scenery that might suit your more conservative loved ones better, and some funky, urban fashion that would suit any trendy kisser on your list.

I would stick with buying artwork for someone whose tastes and personality you are relatively familiar with.

Bernhard Hartmann, FORGOTTEN GARDEN IIIFORGOTTEN GARDEN III by Bernhard Hartmann

How can you look for clues about a person’s taste for art?
A person’s tastes and passions are a great way to learn about their tastes in art. Is your cousin an animal lover? We have beautiful and spectacular animals in their natural habitat. Does your little brother like soccer? We have great photographs of some of the greats playing in action. Is your sister or cousin still browsing the latest fashion blogs or Instagram? Our fashion collection is unlike any other!

gift of art
Curler Party # 1, by Nicolas Paris

What artists or popular works are you currently selling?
We have so many! It’s a very exciting time for YellowKorner. We have a great selection of John Wright. He is a very famous fashion photographer from England who has photographed everyone from Lady GaGa to Paul McCartney. Aurélien Villette, an urban photographer whose works are perfect for the more traditional person on your gift list. We just renewed our contract with Slim Aarons, and you can only buy his works in our galleries, so come into the gallery and check it out!

winter wonderland jude allen
Winter wonders, by Jude Allen

In your opinion, are there any pieces that would make great gifts this year?
Some of my favorites [seen throughout this post] are:
High density, by Laurent Dequick
FORGOTTEN GARDEN III, by Bernhard Hartmann
Winter wonders, by Jude Allen
The nebulous leopard, by Lukas Holas
Curler Party # 1, by Nicolas Paris

brooklyn football

What are some general tips for buying art as a gift?
There are a few things to remember when buying artwork.

  • Does the photo speak to you?
  • Does it instantly make you think of someone on your list?
  • Can you see this room fit into their home?
  • Does the person you are buying for have wall space in their house? (If not, maybe consider a size smaller? We have so many options.)
  • Would the color theme fit well in their home?

gift art vacation
The nebulous leopard, by Lukas Holas

And what about Plan B… do you have a return policy in case the recipient doesn’t like it?
We have a two week return policy for a full refund. After the two week period, I will still exchange any artwork in its original condition for one that speaks more to the recipient.

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