35 gifts for the man who has everything


I know I know. If he has you, what else does he need, right? And while that’s very true, you can always give the man in your life a little something to show him how much you love and appreciate him. Think you couldn’t find a gift for your boyfriend, dad or brother that he doesn’t already have? *Ahem,* hold my glass.

Ahead, I’ve collected 35 gifts for the man who has everything and wants absolutely nothing. This way you can show her how much you love and appreciate her no matter the occasion. If the guy in your life is picky or hard to find, try one of the following unique or practical gift ideas. I promise he’ll like one of them even though he’s incredibly hard to please.

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This storage box

Parker Travel Suitcase

This faux leather case comes with built-in dividers perfect for protecting three pairs of glasses, whether he’s traveling or just keeping them safe at home.


this cup

Box Of Four Dora 25 Cl Glasses

Ann Demeulemeester for Serax

If these glasses didn’t look luxurious enough, maybe the fact that they’re mouth-blown will convince you.


This massage ball

Hypersphere Mini

If the guy lives his whole life for a good workout, this mini massage ball is a must have for warm-ups and cool-downs. It may be smaller and more portable than a massage gun, but this little guy is just as good at soothing tight muscles.


This bottle opener

Bottle opener

With this sleek and modern bottle opener, opening a cold bottle has never looked so good.


This AirPods carrying case

Black Airpod Holder

It’s easy for anyone to misplace these AirPods. Get her this carrying case that comes with a lanyard, clasp, and key fobs so he really has no excuse to lose them again.


This photo

Manhattan Bridge by Kate Holstein

Choosing wall art is difficult. Help it out by getting something simple and black and white to go with any decorating style.


This beard kit

Beard Grooming Kit™

This box contains everything your man needs to take care of the second love of his life (next to you, of course): cleanser, shaving lotion, oil and a comb.


This comfortable t-shirt

Cloud Knit Tee

The guy might have it all already, but he’ll never complain about adding more super soft shirts to his collection.


This wallet

GRANDSERIES Slim Folding Leather

The guy uses his wallet 24/7, so let’s face it, he’s seen better days. Update her old chunky tri-fold wallet with this slim and streamlined version.


This purse

Silver Stripe Edge Clip

If he likes to keep things light and simple, a money clip, like this one in silver, might be more his thing.


These slippers

Quilted slippers

He probably already has a set of coveted Parachute percale sheets, so gift him a pair of plush slippers to feed his obsession.


This technical emergency kit

Technical kit

No matter how many magazines he added to his reserve, he could always use another spare magazine. This tech emergency supplies kit includes everything like a phone charger, camera lens, USB flash drive, and more.


These beer glasses

Pilsner glasses

It’s time he left the red plastic cups in the past. These tall glasses will easily drop the hint.


This toiletry bag

The ReNew Tote Case

He might already have everything he needs, but does he have a nice quality bag to put it all in?! This water-resistant pouch has plenty of pockets for toiletries, but he can use it for whatever he wants.


This cheese board with utensils

Walnut Cheese Board Set

You know he loves throwing house parties (the mature kind, of course). Pack a nut platter with serving utensils for a great host gift.


These sneakers

Men’s Tree Dashers

He might think he has enough shoes, but does he have a pair that minimizes odor? and is machine washable, like this one? Yeah, I didn’t think so.


These comfortable pants

Bushwick Pants

Give him these super soft fleece pants for those days when he just doesn’t want to get out of bed, but has to.


This pair of underwear

The Boxer Brief

When he has everything, it’s time to start replacing some of his overused items. This boxer, which comes with a one-year warranty against tearing, is the perfect replacement for its holey pair.


These invisible socks

Pack of two pairs of invisible gray socks SNKR

“I have too many socks,” no one ever said. Help him extend his laundry day by keeping his drawer full.


This leather belt

Warner 32mm Belt

Whether he’s just graduated and needs some dressy clothes for work or he’s hoping the weekends will once again be filled with weddings, he can always use some great accessories.


This collection of salt

salt tower of the world

There’s no way he’s salty to open this gift of salts from around the world, especially if he prefers salty foods.


These sunglasses

Erika Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

A new pair of glasses is always appreciated. He will be happy to add this pair to the rotation.


These coasters

Set of 4 Cole coasters

Some guys have been known to leave drink rings on wooden furniture. But he’ll love these clay coasters so much he’ll want to use them for once.


This throw blanket

throw the blanket

Give her this eco-friendly wool blanket, even though you’ll probably be the one using it all the time.


This easy-to-clean bottle

Self-cleaning bottle

The biggest downside to most double-insulated water bottles is their difficulty in cleaning. He’ll love this self-cleaning one, which uses digital UV-C LED light purification.


This decanter

Spirit Decanter

When the bar cart display is their pride and joy, get them a decorative decanter, like this one. With a bottle of this fancy, no one will know if the alcohol inside is not.


This load bank

Catch:1 Wireless Charger in Black

Few things are more annoying than fumbling with phone cords at night. This wireless charging port will give his phone all the juice it needs right through its case.


This plant

ZZ plant in a small Hyde planter

Sometimes the bachelor pad needs a little decorating help. So give him a love fern a houseplant in an elegant pot.


This light bathrobe

Honeycomb bathrobe

Of course, the guy may already have a bathrobe. But summer will call for a lighter version so he won’t be covered in sweat as soon as he showers.


This phone sterilizer

UV sanitizer

If the guy can’t even go to the toilet without looking at his phone, he needs this phone sanitizer, which uses six UV lamps to sanitize things.


This massage cushion

Plush Full Body & Back Massager Heated Chair Cushion

Throw that sucker on his couch and boom. You have a home massage chair for a fraction of the price.


This coffee maker

Coffee machine

He loves the taste of French press coffee but hates the cleanup. This tool makes brewing a cup of coffee in a minute easier than ever.


This classic watch

Fairfield Chronograph 41mm Watch

Watches don’t always have to be incredibly expensive. This classic watch with a leather strap is a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on just one.


This dual case

Leather Clic card holder for iPhone® XS Max

Give him this hybrid of both a wallet and a phone case for all the times he doesn’t want to carry it all with him.


This coffee table book

Born to Party, Forced to Work Hardcover

One of those things you can never have too much of? Coffee table books. This one will speak to his heart.

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