Christmas Gift Guide 2020: When Santa Needs Help Finding Unique Gifts

Santa is feeling a bit bewildered in this most unusual year. But do not worry. The Deseret News has researched deals galore from stores and online sellers to help you find great gifts for everyone on your list. Buy with care and you might even beat the manufacturer’s recommended price, which was accurate at the time of publication.

YogaSleep Nod

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

YogaSleep Nod white noise machine with dimmable amber nightlight, with 20 sound options including lullaby tracks to help babies and toddlers fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Three timer options: 45 minutes, 90 minutes and 8 hours. MSRP $24.95.


Plush Whatsitsface

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

Whatsitsface plush toy – cat, dog or teddy bear – with switched facial expressions for emotional learning and creative play. This toy has won parent’s choice and industry awards. MSRP $24.95.


Urbanista’s Stockholm Plus headphones

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

The Urbanista Stockholm Plus headphones are wireless, stylish and compatible with iOS, Android or Windows devices and come in a variety of colors. Load these water-resistant headphones into their case and be wowed by sound quality you might expect to cost more than the $69 MSRP.


Parliament Ekster Slim Wallet

The Ekster Slim “Parliament” wallet features a pop-up mechanism that makes cards easily accessible at the push of a button, while protecting them from skimming. MSRP $89, leather. Also available in aluminum ($79). A solar powered tracking card and/or money clip can be purchased separately.


Amaranth Vase

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

The Amaranth Vase lets you drain water, cut stems without removing flowers thanks to a special twist design – and it won’t break if you drop it on the ground. Several colors. MSRP $59.99


Envision Planner by Nicole Meline

Nicole Meline’s Envision Planner is a nice, thoughtful and practical planner that invites you to look forward – and a bit back too. This quarterly planner is undated and honors not only restlessness, but also spirituality and what one enjoys and dreams of. MSRP $38.


PocketSocks: The idea for socks with pockets – fun or dressy vacation styles, as a pair or as a set – came when the company founder had his passport and wallet stolen while on a trip there. years ago. The zipped compartment is big enough to hold a passport, credit card, some cash, all without being noticed. Prices vary by style and quantity.


Little World: Crochet!

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

Little World: Crochet! — or carving or felting or making soap, among other crafts. These small project kits published by Odd Dot include all the materials needed to learn a new trade and complete a small project. Crochet a koala. Buy a different kit and make soap donuts or whimsical fruit pins. MSRP $14.99.



Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

CuBirds game by UltraPro Entertainment. Build a flock of birds in this easy to learn game that only takes 20 minutes. From 8 years old, 2 to 5 players. $15.


suffrage anniversary coin

Uncirculated silver dollar for women’s suffrage is an eye-catching Christmas gift that commemorates the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. The US Mint sells collectibles, proofs, and even ornaments, but they sell out early and stock is limited. This one is $69.


Set of marbled ring dishes, handcrafted for Doorstep Market, which features the work of local artisans in the region. This is a “surprise box” with four unique small dishes, but you can’t choose the colors. $24/set.


Yo ring is a surprisingly engaging little disc that can be bounced, rolled, tossed or spun to chase away boredom, develop hand-eye coordination and entertain kids, including those just young at heart. $7.25 for one or $19 for a three-pack is more fun than you think.


MindLabs: Energy and Circuits

MindLabs: Energy and Circuits combines the digital and physical worlds, using “an app, tabletop playing cards and the excitement of augmented reality” to teach STEM individually or collaboratively, even if team members are away different places. Download the app, purchase the deck of playing cards that includes electrical components, and learn about circuits, energy, and electrical design. Results can be seen on team members’ devices, even if they are in different locations. $24.99 for a card game for up to 4 players.


2020 pandemic keepsake ornament

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News

Christmas ornament COVID-19 2020 features everything you’d like to forget about 2020, including endless temperature checks, Zoom meetings and toilet paper shortages. If you prefer, get an ornament depicting Santa Claus in a face mask. $12.99.


Liddlme Polarized Flexible Sunglasses protect the smallest eyes from sun damage all year round. Each pair – baby, toddler, kids and tweens – comes with an adjustable head strap, carrying pouch and cleaning wipe. $19.99.


The Dozop Cart weighs 6 pounds but can hold up to 250. And it breaks down into one compact piece you can store in a closet or in the trunk of the car. The casters are user-friendly and make it easy to move over many different types of terrain. MSRP $49.95.


Kinetic Sand Kalm Zen Box

Kinetic Sand Kalm Zen Box, made by Spin Master, is both relaxing and captivating. Kinetic sand never dries out and is hard to get rid of. Tons of options for kids, but this one brings calm to big kids. $21.


How to Become a Sports Surgeon Kit

The How to Be a Sports Surgeon kit is part of the Little Medical School series and includes a plush skeleton doll, working stethoscope, surgical kit, Tommy John surgical board, elastic bandage, exercise book with activities role-playing games, a marker and a diploma. $29.99


Terra Create DIY Maker Box

DIY Maker crates for ages 10+. This one is Terra Create. Cratejoy offers a multitude of subscription boxes, from family night art projects to baker’s crates and more. This popular box costs $32/month and the subscription can be canceled at any time.


Yoto Player has over 100 cards with recorded versions of beloved stories like “The Nutcracker”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Matilda”. You can also save your own for this unique player, which can also be used as a night light and sleep trainer. Cards are sold separately. MSRP $99.

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