22 unique gifts for devoted cat moms

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  • Celebrate moms of all kinds, including those who care for their furry friends.

  • We’ve rounded up 22 cute and practical gifts that every cat mom will love.

  • If you are looking for more gift ideas, check out all of them Insider Reviews Gift Guides 2020 and the best gifts for cats.

If there’s one thing a mom cat can’t get enough of, it’s more cats. To love a cat is to love them all.

For proud cat lovers of all stripes, we’ve rounded up 22 fun feline gifts. From cat accessories and home decor to office supplies, these treasures may not be as good as the real ones but, without litter to clean or fur to throw, they will appreciate them just as much.

Here are 22 gifts for mom cats:

A collar that keeps your cat’s paw print close to the heart

Paw Print Engraved Necklace


Necklace engraved with a paw print, available on Etsy, starting at $ 39.95

Help them keep their furry baby close to you 24/7 with this customizable paw print pendant necklace. Just send a photo or print of their kitten’s paw and this jewelry store will take care of the rest.

A hilarious and practical book to survive your cat’s worst impulses

how to tell if your cat can kill you book


“How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” from The Oatmeal, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, starting at $ 9.79

Give the mom cat in your life a glimpse into her pet’s murderous instincts with The Oatmeal (aka Matthew Inman) illustrated guide. Full of comedic vignettes and tongue-in-cheek instruction that draws on TheOatmeal.com’s absurdity, this New York Times bestseller will distract them just long enough for their cat to finish the job.

Superhero socks to keep their beans warm

cat socks

Uncommon goods

Socks that save cats, available at Uncommon Goods, $ 15

Warm up their tootsies with cat socks that work hard for felines. For every pair of socks sold, one dollar is donated to Best Friends Animal Society, a shelter and rights organization that works to save hapless cats (and other pets).

Personalized stickers of their cat’s face to put, finally, everything

my cat face sticker stickers

My face sticker

Personalized My Sticker Face stickers, available on Amazon, $ 15.99

With these personalized photo stickers, they can brighten up any space with their cat’s gorgeous mug. The set, which includes 34 stickers in three different sizes, is made of high quality matte vinyl that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

A tote bag to express their cat’s favorite hobby

cat tote bag


Mind Control Cat Tote Bag, available at Society 6, starting at $ 19.99

Everyone knows that a mom cat belongs to her kittens, not the other way around, but for those who haven’t received the memo, this tote bag explains it in plain English. The black poly-popline bag, available in three sizes, features an innocent white cat reading a feline classic, “Mind Control (for Cats)”.

A rolling Roomba to keep cat hair at bay

iRobot Roomba 614

I robot

iRobot Roomba 614, available at iRobot, $ 224.99

If YouTube and TikTok have anything to say about it, cats love a good roaming ride Roomba. The mom cat in your life will also love her for her ability to keep up with all those hairs.

A pack of cat tarot cards to reveal what their future holds

Tarot of the cat

Urban outfitters

“Cat Tarot: 78 Cards And Guidebook” by Megan Lynn Kott, available at Urban Outfitters, $ 19.95

As Hippolyte Taine once wrote: “I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. The smart cats who play the roles of Empress, Madman, and Magician on this set of beautiful tarot cards definitely agree.

A set of towels to whimsy your feline-style bathroom

cat hand towel


Cat Landscape 41 hand and bath towel, set of 4, available at Society6, $ 55.99

A black cat has drawn a landscape apart with a sunny ball of yarn on these absorbent terrycloth towels from Society6. The unique set includes two 30 x 15 inch hand towels and two 64 x 32 inch bath towels for all their grooming needs.

299 confusing cats (and a dog) to keep them busy

puzzle 299 cats


299 Cats and a Dog Puzzle, Available on Amazon, $ 19.99

Train their brains with a puzzle filled with cunning kittens and a lonely dog. All of his 300 pieces except one are felines with a personality of their own. The finished 10.5 x 10.5 inch puzzle is compact enough to be completed almost anywhere.

A chonky kitten lamp to light up their dreams

cat lamp


Kitty Silicone Faucet Color Changing Night Light, Available at Overstock, $ 19.25

This round cat lamp illuminates the night with a soft, glowing light. One push of the lamp or its included remote control lights up a rainbow of colors that can be adjusted in four different ways. Keep it nearby after dark, then plug it in to charge it in the morning.

An adorable cat face mask that will keep compliments coming

cat mask

CassysTopShop / Etsy

Cat face mask, available on Etsy, $ 4.50

Help them live out their feline fantasy with this adorable cat mask from Cassy’s Top Shop. With a heart-shaped white nose and whiskers and two layers of cotton and polyester protection, it’s so cute and comfortable that it might never take it off.

A fascinating book that celebrates the culture of Japanese cats

land of cats book


Sarah Archer’s “Catland”, available Amazon and Barnes & Noble, starting at $ 16.49

Sarah Archer’s “Catland” explores the history and pop culture of Japan’s love affair with the wayward feline. From Hello Kitty to cat monks in training, this photo-rich volume is a tribute to the weird and wonderful furballs that share our homes and hearts.

A cat-shaped tea infuser

cat tea infuser

Global Market Cost Plus

Kittea Cat Silicone Tea Infuser, available at Cost Plus Global Marketplace, $ 9.99

Make their afternoon tea time a little sweeter with this silicone infuser. Fill this orange kitten’s belly with loose tea, then hang it over the edge of a mug to let it steep. The voyeur feline will keep your favorite mom cat company on caffeinated mornings and sleepy evenings, alike

A mini garden to grow a delicious cat snack

catnip kit


The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Grow Kit, available on Amazon, $ 17.97

Give their indoor cat the gift of tasty and nutritious fresh weed. This kit from The Cat Ladies includes soil and a blend of organic wheat, oats, rye, barley and flax seeds to plant in a cute cat mug. It is available in black or white.

A cute cat to greet them at the front door

cat face doormat

ParkViewGiftShop / Etsy

Cat Face Coir Doormat, Available on Etsy, $ 21.58

Welcome them home before they even open the front door with this cat doormat. The chubby face coconut fiber rug accented with black ears and whiskers will withstand the heavy foot traffic of the human and feline variety.

A cup covered with cats with questionable training

cat mug

Foucault fish

Cats Mug, available at Fishs Eddy, $ 18.95

Bring the cats! On this ceramic mug, a parade of perfectly trained kittens show off skills like fetching, shaking and dismounting, just like a cat. It’s a caffeinated cavalry that your favorite mother cat will have fun with every morning.

An elegant clip-on bow tie for cats of sophistication and style

Merritt Pet Bow Tie


Merritt Pet Collar bow tie, available at Made by Cleo, $ 10.95

Even cats deserve to dress up from time to time. Elevate their cat’s collar with this detachable bow tie, available in a variety of prints.

A 2021 calendar with feline proportions

cat calendar

Paper source

2021 Cat Die Cut Calendar, available at Paper Source, $ 11.21

Fill their year with colorful felines. With pages cut out in the shape of a kitten, this calendar features a new cat every month to make sure he never forgets what day it is.

Sleeping kittens to keep their wine glasses warm

gifts for moms cat

On the table

Fred Wine Lives Charms (pack of 6), available at Sur la Table, $ 10

Make it easy for their guests to track their drinks with a set of colorful cat charms. Each six silicone markers fit standard stemware perfectly.

A rainbow cat to show off its most beautiful plants

Rainbow origami cat planter

PenNerd3D / Etsy

Rainbow Kitty Succulent Planter, Available on Etsy, $ 12.97

Green-thumbed cat lovers will love this perfectly angled 3D printed planter. The 5.5 x 4.5 x 6 inch Royal Sitting Kitten, just the right size for succulents and other small houseplants, comes in a variety of rainbow color combinations.

An insulated cup with feline decoration

Cat urdays takeaway cup


Cat-urdays on-the-go tumbler, available at Chewy, $ 24.99

Cats show off their best poses, including aerobic-style leg lifts, on this venti-sized on-the-go tumbler. Don’t be surprised if they start using this insulated mug even on days when there is no place to go.

A cat clock to keep track of cat naps

cat wall clock

Company 6

Kitty wall clock, available at Society6, $ 31.99

Spend hours with this bright and bold Tomcat wall clock. The yellow and blue dial cut in half is adorned with a wide-eyed black kitten that is ready to pounce at the right moment. The 10 inch diameter clock hands and frame are available in white, black and natural (frame only).

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