32 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas 2021 – Unique Gifts For New Owners

Khadija Horton

If your friends or close family members have just bought a new home or moved into a fabulous new apartment, it’s time to surprise them with a very thoughtful and very useful housewarming gift! They will certainly appreciate the gesture as they settle in and realize that they might not have everything they need – and you, my friend, will certainly appreciate the list of unique housewarming gifts. that we’ve put together for you, below.

Some good places to start? The kitchen and the bathroom. There are endless trinkets and decorative items that these spaces could use to make them more functional or more beautiful. We’re talking pretty vases, centerpieces, soap sets, etc. Go ahead and take your pick from the 32 unique housewarming gift ideas below (and maybe even pick up a little all in all for your own home, too).

Oh, and if you’re just in the mood for gifts, check out more hostess gift ideas, unexpected things for your best friend, and even something special for them.

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this fancy fragrance diffuser

Hourglass diffuser

A sophisticated fragrance diffuser can be the perfect gift for your aesthetically minded gift.


a beautiful coffee table book

Capri Dolce Vita Coffee Table Book

Whether they love travel or just love the pretty things, treat them to this colorful coffee table book that’s meant to be on display.


this trio of soaps

Pack of soaps: Rosewater Cassis, Palo Santo, Bergamot Neroli

Help dress up the bathrooms in their new home with this heavenly scent trio of bar soap.


these ecological cleaning sprays

Blueland cleaning kit

TBH, buying new bottles of cleaning sprays every time they run out is wasteful. Give them this set of reusable acrylic spray bottles and dissolve the cleaning tablets instead. All they have to do is put a pill in the bottle full of water and There ! A non-toxic, cruelty-free cleaning product that is safe for the planet.


gold silverware

Matte Gold Silverware Set

Their set of silverware might need an upgrade. Help them out with this raised matte gold pick!


this smart device

Echo (4th generation)

Convert their new place to a smart home with this Amazon Echo device that can basically do all.


a special work of art

Original personalized miniature hand-cut card artwork

Commemorate their new address with this custom die-cut card art work. Promise their faces will light up when they recognize their block.


this elegant tray

Capture tray

They’re going to need a place to throw all their keys in, right? You might as well give them a cute place to do that.


an elegant soap dish

Rustic soap dish with colander

Here is a super ~ aesthetic ~ soap dish that is not your ordinary metal or ceramic soap dish. It even has a small spout so your bar soap (or dish sponge) doesn’t get stuck in a filthy puddle of water. Attractive!


beautiful glassware

Set of 6 champagne glasses

They will love entertaining guests with these beautiful colored cut glasses.


this pretty vase

Ivory Mirror Pots

This mirror vase will find its place on their shelf or on the windowsill.


A fast cooling wine cooler

Fast drink cooler

Someday they’ll invite people over and find they haven’t refrigerated the chardonnay ahead of time. A drink cooler will get them out of a mulled wine binding in a flash.


A chic kitchen sink set

White Gardenia Hand Soap & Lotion, Classic 4 Piece Set

IMO, guest bathrooms get all the right soap and we just don’t indulge ourselves enough in the soap department. That’s why this super funky smelling white dish soap, hand soap and lotion set, designed to sit right next to the kitchen sink, is the perfect gift for an owner.


An elegant wine cooler

French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

A marble canister keeps wine cool while it’s on the table, meaning your host won’t have to get up and take the bottle out of the fridge for each refill. Such a time saver!


Chic carafes

Glass bottles with wooden stoppers

No stylish bar cart is complete without a few stylish decanters.


A welcoming doormat

Hello welcome mat

Offer them a doormat that will make each future visitor feel at home.


A practical wooden spice rack

18 jar acacia wood spice rack

A simple and stylish spice rack will keep them organized in the kitchen.


A unique candle holder

Groovy vintage inspired candle holder

Some awesome candle holders make a striking centerpiece.


pretty candlesticks

Natural soy beeswax pillar candles

They are going to need candlesticks to accompany the above. And these inspired by the Roman pillars are too pretty to be left out.


A woven storage basket

Woven storage basket with rope basket

They can use this neutral basket to store whatever they want, like extra pillows, throws, toys – they could even use it as a laundry basket.


Reusable straws

Folded metal straws

Metal straws will keep guests’ drinks cool * and * reduce waste.


A set of copper cheese knives

Set of 3 copper cheese knives

If your friends are cheese lovers, they will absolutely love a set of three copper knives.


Watercolor fabric napkins

Floral Towel Vale

The next time they have friends over for dinner, they can set the table with elegant linen napkins.


a nice charger

Cement server loader

Nothing says “adult house” like setting the table with a charger (it’s the plate-like thing that goes under your real plates). This scalloped edge matches any decor.


Sweet oil and vinegar pourers

Textured Oil + Vinegar Set

An easy-to-pour oil and vinegar serving set is way better than grocery bottles that get super sticky. Plus, it will look great on the table all year round.


a nice coffee press

Sandstone Natural Canvas 2-Pc. French cover press

A striking stoneware French press is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs.


A chic potato chip and dip bowl

Harmony Chip & Dip Bowl

This cute wooden bowl will be their favorite thing to take out when the guests come.


An electric wine opener

Automatic electric corkscrew

Getting the top out of a bottle after a long day shouldn’t be an arm exercise. Make it easy to open with an electric corkscrew.


A cozy throw

Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw

Updated and super comfy blanket for those busy Netflix nights.


A practical conversion kit

2 Piece Measurement Conversion Magnet Set

Have you ever tried to google cooking measurements on your phone while your fingers were covered in flour? Yeah, not fun. The magnets ensure that all the tricky conversions will be within reach without damaging their gadgets.


A cool set of bar tools

Collection of decorative bar items

Give your friend the debut of their own home bar, with an array of different tools in a sleek gold finish.


A pretty pillow with tassels

Velvet decorative pillow with tassels

Drew Barrymore Flower House

A decorative pillow in a pretty pink color is the perfect touch of color for their living room.

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