15 trendy and unique gift ideas for friends

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We’ve spent the last few weeks scouring the internet for some trendy and unique gift ideas under $ 50. We have 15 different options for different personalities no matter the occasion.

Most of these products are eligible for expedited shipping, so don’t worry if you’re shopping at the last minute.

1. For those who like to prepare themselves

For the one whose patent dialogue is “Just five more minutes,” a Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer from Amazon for just $ 41.88 will be a perfect gift. She will love her dreamy silky blowout performed at home herself and effortlessly.

2. Yeti Rambler for your coffee addict

While Yeti is the popular cooler of all time, it is not possible to spend $ 1,000 on giveaways. But luckily, with the most popular Rambler mug, you have the best alternative to a gift under $ 50. The product has around 12,000 reviews on Amazon and costs just $ 29.98.

3. Amazon Echo Dot for your smart speaker freak

Amazon Echo is a voice-activated smart speaker, but the Echo Dot is a more affordable option that looks a lot like Echo. You can get Amazon Echo Dot from Target for $ 24.99.

4. Athlete face mask for your outing parent

Arleta gift sets of 5 renowned protective masks are tested by experts. They’re comfortable, breathable, three-layered, have adjustable shoulder straps and have nose clips for extra coverage. You will also find a plethora of color options.

5. Winc for that wine drinker

For the guy or girl whose night ends with a glass of wine, they’ll probably love the Winc membership. Winc regularly offers high quality wines and unlimited recommendations throughout the month.

6. Crowd-Cow for your meat-loving friend

This subscription to the Crowd-Cow service will make your friend the happiest carnivore this season. It is convenient to use and delivers delicious, high-quality meat. Crowd-Cow delivers its products directly to independent farmers and breeders, so there is no risk of adding unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. The Crown Cow Gift Set starts at just $ 38.

7. Roku Streaming Stick for that frenzy watcher

Who doesn’t like to watch TV? Well, a streaming device can certainly bring anyone’s Netflix frenzy to its peak. Therefore, we recommend the Roku Streaming Stick + which has a very easy to use remote control. Roku offers almost all popular streaming services and is compatible with most TVs.

8. Ninja Fit personal blender for that fitness enthusiast

With Ninja Fit Personal Blender, you won’t want to invest in an expensive professional blender. It is a great gift for anyone who is health conscious who is always on the move. We have tested this one ourselves and highly recommend that you give it a try. Order now on Amazon for $ 49.99.

9. Book of the month for your bookworm

Some people prefer to read real books rather than scrolling through Kindle. If the person you wish to gift falls into the latter category, then a Book of the Month subscription would be an ideal gift. They will receive five books per month in different genres. It would cost you $ 49.99 for three months.

10. Anthropology candles for that candle collector

Your girlfriends will love the scented candles. We can bet the bottom dollars. Anthropologie offers some really cool candles in pretty jars that will make a thoughtful and economical gift. Each candle costs $ 14, you can order 3 candles, tie them with ribbon and add a sweet note to give a personalized touch.

11. Shill plants for anyone with a green thumb

For someone who loves to ‘go green’ and is obsessed with houseplants, succulents, or tropical vibes, they’ll love you for adding to their greenery. Shill has a wide variety of plants – monsteras, ferns, pines, etc.

12. Airomé essential oil diffuser for personal care enthusiasts

Essential oils have many benefits! It’s fashionable today. Create a calm and zen aura around your loved ones with an Airomé essential oil diffuser for just $ 29.74. It can work for six hours straight, it is portable and comes in different styles.

13. FabFitFun for shopaholics

FabFitFun is everywhere on social media, and for all the right reasons. It will give your daughter a chance to try new products in a fun and unique way. Everything from tote bags to rollerblades, restorative hair cream, exfoliating sugar cubes and more can be found in one box.

14. Mophie portable charger for the phone impossible to do without

Who has time for a dead phone today? Anybody! Keep your favorite people’s phones fully charged by giving them the best portable USB-C charger. It’s slim and stylish and charges multiple devices at the same time. The Mophie portable charger costs $ 39.99 on Amazon.

15. Mini waffle iron for brunch

Amazon’s Mini Waffle Maker costs $ 16.30 and can whip up a snack-sized brunch in no time. It has proven itself and looks like a original gift idea. It has a non-stick surface, evenly bakes perfect brown waffles, and is super easy to clean.


Whether it’s a vacation, birthday, housewarming, promotion, or any other occasion, they’ll love these thoughtful choices. Until next time, keep spreading the joy with the coolest gift items without breaking the bank.

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