unik.at Vienna – Unique gifts

A boutique of handcrafted, organic, sustainably made, premium quality gifts… quite simply: for special souvenirs from Vienna, go to unik.at!

Let me explain their German pun: “Unikat” means a unique copy of something or something that is one of a kind. This underlines that everyone who works here – with or without a disability – is unique, as are many of the products you will find in this Austrian store (hence the web ending “.at”).

The products you can find here include jewelry, clothing, tableware, art, cards, and more. Two of my favorites on unik.at that I buy frequently and recommend to anyone looking for that little something special: the wooden souvenir (called “Alle meine Bäume“) where you have to associate pairs and shirts or bags with designs of disabled people from VOI fesch.

You can even borrow paintings from them for your office or exhibit – for free!

Another thing I want to mention is the refreshing connected juice bar Mentorix next door, where you get super tasty healthy drinks.

So if you care about social responsibility, buy your next gift here and support local small producers and social businesses with a cause!

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