Unforgettable Treats: 11 Places to Shop for Unique Gifts in Vancouver

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Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your unique friend or maybe you want to broaden your horizons with new stores, we’ve found some “colorful” stores for you to check out.

Here are 11 stores offering a bit of everything in everyone, including funky home additions, or cute organizers, collectibles, art, fashion, bath and body, and more.

The description: A boutique with items made in Canada for the home and to feel pampered, Walrus has so many beautifully designed pieces for you or a loved one. For the home, you can find a wide selection of items, including colorful prints, incense kits and sprays, and ceramic dishes. You will also find pretty jewelry, cocooning products for the bath + body, and even games for children.

Or: 3408, rue Cambie
Telephone: 604-874-9770

The description: In this Yaletown store, there are plenty of trendy options! Trendy women’s clothing and a wide selection of jewelry, bags (including vegan accessories) and shoes. Fine Finds also has great freebies, such as cards and prints, candles, small dishes, and bath and body items including salts and lotions.

Or: 1014 Mainland Street
Telephone: 604-669-8325

The description: If you are looking for original items for the home, Vancouver Special is a one stop shop. It offers everything from unique little items for the office like organizers, tableware and rugs, to furniture including bean bags, ottomans and rugs, to name a few.

Or: 3612 Main Street
Telephone: 604-568-3673

The description: If you like things organized or you’re shopping for a friend who appreciates a tidy space, you can probably say “Room in Order” is a great option just by the name. This store is full of pretty and classic items for your home, from the kitchen to the closet and the bathroom.

Or: 626 Seymour Street
Telephone: 604-681-0885

The description: When you shop on consignment you just know you’re going to find some great bargains and quirky nuggets, but Front and Company also has a section at the front of the store with beautiful jewelry and fun accessories to browse.

Or: 3772 Rue Principale
Telephone: 604-879-8431

The description: For the person with a great sense of humor, you can find even home accessories, games, notebooks, and more. There are two places to explore, Gastown and the West End.

Or: 41, rue Powell | 1179 Denman Street
Telephone: 604-685-0443 | 604-685-4550

The description: In Gastown, Old Faithful Shop has many unique home and personal care items. It contains coffee table books, plants and pots, beautifully designed housewares, bags and wallets, as well as spritzers and much more.

Or: 320 W, Cordova Street
Telephone: 778-327-9376

The description: You can spend a day visiting Granville Island. There are so many unique stores, selling well-designed home items, jewelry, art and more. In addition, you have the children’s market and the public market for your delicious needs.

Or: 1689, rue Johnston (public market)
Telephone: 604-666-6655

The description: Music lovers rejoice! You can find virtually any rock band shirt at The Rock Shop. It is said that the Rock Shop online started as a gift and novelty store in 1973, and over the years clothing has been added to the mix. You can also find collectibles, such as patches, mugs, lunch boxes, etc.

Or: 1076, rue Granville
Telephone: 604-685-9228

The description: Not only can you sweat at one of TurF’s fitness classes, but it’s also a cafe with a unique store at the back. In this section you will find personal care items, such as underwear, sprays and oils, clothes, candles, notebooks, bags and scrunchies.

Or: # 101 2041 West 4th Avenue
Telephone: 604-428-9970

The description: The secret is revealed: You can find lots of cool home, wear and beauty products at One Water Street. Secret Location has a “library” of books on photography and art, to name a few, as well as prints by some famous artists. It also has household items, such as pillows and vases, furniture and fashion.

Or: A water street
Telephone: 604-685-0090

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