35 best gifts for coworkers 2021

Does anyone else think the office’s secret Santas / White Elephants are the bane of their existence? Not only are you tasked with purchasing an item (usually on a tight and difficult budget) for a relatively random person, but they then have to open said gift publicly so that everyone can judge your skills. matter of gifts. As someone not particularly proud of their giving abilities, times like these are my nightmare material.

Buying for colleagues, even outside of these games, still feels like a test. Have you really paid attention when they talk about things that interest them outside of work? You’ll score significant bonus points for getting it right, or you’ll miss the mark entirely and reveal you’ve been playing Candy Crush during their stories for most of the past year.

Ergo, I’ve cooked up a little something to give you a hand this winter. Avoid public humiliation at your next office vacation party with this gift guide filled with fun yet utterly practical items, all cheap and packed with brownie points.

Whatever work companion you’re looking for, the perfect gift is the perfect combination of inexpensive, useful, and thoughtful. You know something that will make them laugh and will look like a bomb on their desk. In addition, rated PG to maintain this dynamic coworker sweet spot.

I mean, really, this “out of the office” baseball cap is a reliable bet for anyone you’re looking for. A laptop stand? Who could ever hate such a practical gift? Or, show off your ~ range ~ with a “because it works” wineglass that will inevitably elicit a laugh from everyone attending the exchange. You’re funny and clever.

You’ll never be stressed out about gifts from coworkers again after taking a look at these 35 absolute winners. * big exhalation * Aren’t you feeling better already?

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