28 unique gifts that will brighten up any candle lover’s day


If, like us, you have a big candle connoisseur in your life (think of someone with entire closets dedicated to their collection and who spends hours making poetic comments about the best brand of candles), you might be wondering. maybe what to offer them.

Fortunately, the easiest (and perhaps the most obvious) path is a scented candle– which, contrary to what you may have heard, is not a lame or impersonal gift. In fact, in our experience, candles have always been a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and any other reason to celebrate your friends and family who love scents. Whether you give them a year of supply through a candle subscription box, something of a luxury brand worthy of madness, a pillar that it smells like pumpkin pie (or another signature fall scent), a sophisticated soy votive, a romantic candle that will set the mood, or whoever will fill their house with a festive Christmas scent, You can not be wrong. Not to mention that there are so many unique candle gifts on the market, from zodiac themed perfumes for the horoscope obsessed to personalized prayer candles that will represent them as a saint.

If you really want to light up their lives, consider creating a candle gift box that not only includes their all-time favorite flame, but also a variety of gifts that go with candles, like wick cutters, snuffers, high technology. lighters, fancy matches and striking t-shirts. Or you can include a affordable bottle of wine, a great new book, and one soothing bubble bath, all of which are great gifts to pair with a candle.

Coming up, the best and most unique gifts for candle lovers that are guaranteed to be a match made in heaven.


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