7 unique gifts for travelers

Fall has officially arrived, which means the holiday season full of gifts and shared meals is just around the corner. It can be difficult to shop for others; it can be even more difficult when the people you’re shopping for are travelers who tend to look for experiences more than specific products. So we’ve rounded up some of the best and most unique gift ideas for the traveler in your life.

1. Binoculars

If your traveler is someone looking to find the best views in every place they go, treat them to a pair of compact binoculars will make sure they can put them in a suitcase or continue on for their next adventure. It is an especially great gift for people who often engage in some sort of animal watching throughout their travels.

2. Ornaments

People who travel tend to pick up small and large items in the places they visit to remind them throughout their living space of all the places they have been. A great way to showcase specific memories while on vacation is to provide them with custom picture ornaments who add images from some of their favorite trips to their Christmas tree or holiday decor.

3. Phone camera accessories

Some of the most social media and tech savvy travelers already know what it takes to plan a perfect photoshoot for their next social media post. And while phone cameras have come a long way, there are also lens accessories that you can give to your loved one. This gift will allow them to enjoy all the benefits of a high quality camera without having to add a separate camera to their packing list.

4. Bidet

Depending on where your traveler is planning their next trip, they may end up in a place that doesn’t use toilet paper in the same way Americans use toilet paper. And while you can give them toilet paper rolls, they’re not likely to carry them around while they’re exploring. A travel bidet is not only discreet and eco-friendly, but will ensure that the traveler in your life is never stuck in a bathroom deadlock.

5. Vitamin subscription

Frequent trips are plentiful for the occasions of coming into contact with germs and viruses. And while agencies have taken extra precautions to increase safety and reduce exposure from COVID-19, it is never a bad idea to identify measures that will improve immunity and contribute to health and safety. general well-being.

There are some daily vitamins which are recommended to all. However, a more recent approach focuses on identifying a personal profile and taking vitamins based on what people are most interested in treating. It gives the traveler in your life the gift of personalized vitamins to simplify and streamline efforts towards better health.

6. Wool

Traveling to regions with different climates at different times of the year requires a wardrobe with great versatility. Merino wool products offer this flexibility; they’re breathable, easy to layer to create warmth when needed, and comfortable. Treat your traveler to any merino wool garment, and it will positively contribute to their travel clothing.

7. Anti-wrinkle spray

It is virtually impossible to wrap clothes in a way that does not wrinkle them. A gift of anti-wrinkle spray, especially a travel spray bottle, will come in handy for anyone who travels near or far.

Shopping can be delicious if you jump into a project and know that the gift you choose will bring joy to someone. So use the list above to shop for all the travelers in your life and be sure your gift will be functional and personalized!

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