Unique gifts for people who love to tell good stories

Created in partnership with The Prisoner Wine Company.

We all have this friend who loves to talk about his business. These shoes? Hermès saved $ 5, never worn before. This painting? Made by the former US Ambassador to Iran. Nothing they have is ordinary, so it is almost impossible to shop for them. Where it might be nice to throw a gift card at mum and dad or a friend somewhere they love and call it a day, you know that just won’t do the trick here. You must give them the gift of history. Well, don’t worry. Because we are here with solutions. The following are some rare, quirky and unusual gifts for the special someone on your shopping list who needs the gift of the extraordinary.

A game too cool to play

Genki Video Games

Mickey Mouse play equipment

Hardcore video game collectors constantly make trips to Tokyo so they can hide in Akhihabara’s lobby, buying all the weird little trinkets from Nintendo, Sony, and Sega that have never crossed the Pacific. (Even if that requires owning, say, a Japanese Playstation to power the software.) This copy of Mickey Mouse Legend of Illusion is a perfect example. You’re not going to find a vintage Disney platformer with Kanji inscription – published on Game Gear, no less – at your local Target or Game Stop. Fortunately, the Internet allows any amateur collector to bolster their video game index with colorful imports.

An extraordinary film

Did you know that there is an entire economy built around the relics of NASA? Garbage from the Apollo missions always carries a ton of interest in the auction circuit; the closer the coins are to the moon’s surface, the higher the price tag tends to be. This piece of film isn’t as rare as, say, an interstellar boulder. But it landed in the Sea of ​​Tranquility in 1969 and is highly coveted by collectors, which is why it will cost you a pretty dime. That alone makes it a product of choice for anyone who gets nostalgic for a crisp starry night.

A cult wine with a rich past

Prisoner wine company

Prisoner’s wine

Prisoner’s wine is proud of its network of winemakers across California. Since 2000, the company has redefined the red blend, and today theirs is the most recognized and respected. But that’s not all! Today, Prisoner Wine is bottling quirky Chardonnay, Charbono and Pinot Noir that continue to overthrow the hegemony of wine. At VICE, we love things: we took a trip to their cellar in early 2019 and have been fanatical members of their growing cult ever since! For that special friend who has it all, you can grab one or more bottles and sit down as they share how Prisoner draws inspiration from wines first made by Italian immigrants who originally settled in Napa. Valley. If a bottle or three is not enough, there is a subscription to the Prisoner Club who ships three unique bottles, four times a year, which promises to keep even the most seasoned sommelier on their toes. Plus, if you buy now until 12:59 am PDT on December 31st through their website, you can get 15% off using code THIRSTY15 at checkout! Delivery included!

Tell the legend of a legend

Ramona fradon

Original drawing

Ramona Fradon is one of the first women to ever work in comics, and it’s honestly a good deal that you can still buy her pencil drawings of, say, Batgirl for $ 80 from a website she is with. works to sell his wares. It is rare to simultaneously own a great work of art and an indelible piece of history at a great price. Fradon, now 90, is also available on commission, if you think the dilettantes on your shopping list want something a little more personalized (and you know they do).

A classic album turned classic rock

Gold mine

Nirvana ‘Whatever’

no matter is officially in its golden age. After 30 years, Nirvana has gone from an insurgent pop-cultural force to the favorite soundtrack of the aging fathers of Generation X. Honestly, this is a testament to the timelessness of the record that it still sounds so heavy and raw several generations more late. This anniversary set is the definitive love letter to the grunge era, featuring eight vinyl records, including several full concerts of the legendary no matter tour and a 40-page hardcover book. Nirvana finally receives the Beatles treatment. Take out all the albums and tell stories of when the music changed will keep your special friend talking for a while.

A reason to really have fun

In A new hope, C-3PO wanders the sweltering dunes of Tatooine with the skeleton of an ominous ancient monster in the background. It was a pristine world build – one of the many reasons the Star Wars universe appealed to so many children in the late ’70s – and today you can purchase a fragment of the skin. for a low price. The Lucas Estate never packed the remains of the dragon Krayt when they shot the film in Tunisia, so locals started sifting through the dust and selling the coins to impatient tourists. One man’s trash, another’s treasure. What a story!

My coffee> your coffee

Atlas Café-Club

Coffee from around the world

An Atlas Coffee Club membership promises fresh roasts from around the world delivered right to your door. Are you tired of curating the same Trader Joe over and over again? Wake up to an import from Kenya, don your best barista hat and poetically wax all the flavor notes and complex tannins in your cup. We all deserve a little pretension from time to time.

The future meets the past

Jose delbo

José Delbo NFT

Like Ramona Fradon, José Delbo is a legendary comic book artist who breathed life into some of DC’s most iconic characters. Today, at 87, he has turned to NFTs, proof that the author is still as curious about new horizons as he was in his early years. The digital realm has allowed Delbo to experiment with a vast array of styles and animations that would never be possible in physical pages. With an NFT bearing its watermark, you own an unprecedented rebirth artifact of a late career artist. An opportunity to talk about a legend and the NFTs? You have just given the greatest gift ever to your friend who loves to weave a thread.

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