20 unique gifts to please all types of dad this Christmas

The holidays are right around the corner, so now is the time to start making your list and ticking off the names.

A good place to start is with someone who is often the hardest to shop for: Dad. Whether it’s your own dad, step-parent, grandfather, or even your husband or partner you’re helping your kids shop for, we’ve curated many of our favorite gifts that will match. to his personality and interests.

Keep scrolling to see what gifts your dad will be excited to unwrap this Christmas. If you don’t find anything that catches your eye today, check back as we’ll be adding to this list as the season progresses.

Polaroid Now+ Travel Set

For the budding photographer dad

You don’t have to be a photography expert to enjoy the nostalgia of shaking a Polaroid to make it develop faster. Get this cool travel set in modern blue gray so it can look trendy while capturing priceless memories.


Global Hot Sauce Gift Set

For the dad who likes to spice things up in the kitchen

Hot sauce is an eternally cool dad gift. Give her a sweet and savory 5-pack featuring varieties like Assam, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia and more for under $50.

Uncommon Goods

Deep Purple™ UV Sanitizer

For the dad who likes to keep things clean

If we’ve learned anything in these times, it’s that germs are everywhere and we need to be more careful about how we touch and transfer them. This combined with the knowledge that your phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat, Moshi has designed a UV sanitizer that will keep it and other electronics (plus sunglasses, keys, etc.) clean using invisible rays that complete a thorough cleaning 360 degrees in four minutes flat.

The design is extremely thin, folds down to just two centimeters thick and fits easily in most bags or glove compartments. The best part? Moshi promises daily use with this machine for 10 years. For just under $150, it’s just pennies a day.


Vintage moon card

For the space-obsessed dad

This moon map is gorgeous and perfect for any dad’s office wall. It features beautifully rendered images of the surface of our nearest celestial neighbor as well as interesting facts about the moon, so his eyes will be entertained while his thirst for extraterrestrial knowledge is quenched. Best of all, it’s under $20!

Apollo Box

Alec Bradley Taste of the World 6 Cigar Sampler

For the dad who loves a cigar for a special occasion

An occasional cigar is a rite of passage for some dads. If yours falls into this category, give it the international treatment with this smart sampler from Alec Bradley. Along with getting flavors like Sanctum Toro and Tempus Nicaragua Medius, he’ll get a black torch lighter to make sure he doesn’t scramble for fire when it’s time to light up.

Alec Bradley

1905 Wood mills

For dads who smoke something else

Maybe your dad is a grown man now, with bespoke responsibility and a sense of style. Tell him to finally throw away that metal grinder he bought at a main store in 1998 emblazoned with a jar leaf and give him this attractive, durable, portable and stylish walnut grinder.


Subscription to skill sharing

For the dad who loves to learn

Skillshare is an amazing online resource that provides expert lessons on how to do everything from taking better Instagram photos to mastering the guitar. Dad will have limitless knowledge at his fingertips and can finally fulfill his wildest dreams in the privacy of his own home when you give him a year of learning for $180.

Skills sharing

Leatherman Skeleton Tool Set

For DIY dads

A quality Leatherman tool is necessary for any dad worth his salt in household chores, so make sure he has a top model with the Skeletool. It’s compact and ultra-lightweight, weighing just five ounces, and it includes a knife, screwdriver, pliers and more. Buy a complete set or just the essential parts.

leather man

Burst Oral Care Water Flosser

For the dad with a big smile

If he loves the clean feeling of being freshly brushed and flossed, imagine the pleasure he’ll feel after using this amazing water flosser from Burst Oral Care. It will give him the freshest breath, the cleanest smile, and the dentist will be impressed when he walks in for his next cleaning.

Sign him up for the top-up plan and he’ll get a $6 replacement tip every 24 weeks.

Burst oral care

Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Shave Trial Kit

For the dad who loves a smooth shave

Speaking of grooming, help dad tame his beard with this handy starter kit from Dollar Shave Club. He will get:

–test set of six blades

– metal handle with rubber grip

– shaving butter

– preparation scrub

– post-shave dew

And if he likes the products, he can always join to save even more on future shaving products.

Dollar Shave Club

London Fog Mens Double Breasted Stretch Trench Coat

For the classic style dad

Whether he prefers traditional khaki or sleek black, no dad will turn down the ultra-cool look of a London Fog trench coat. It’s lightweight with a non-binding fit and can transition from season to season with a bit of smart layering.

London Fog

Happy Socks The Beatles Collector’s Box Set of 6

For the classic rock dad

Most dads seem to like the Beatles at least, and many are downright obsessed with the Fab Four even now, 50 years after their heyday. If your dad is one of them, give him these fun and colorful socks featuring the group’s cult film Yellow submarine. They even arrive in an LP box.

happy socks

Primo Supply Home Office Organizer with 4 Storage Drawers

For the dad who works from home

Like many of us, setting up a home office is necessary these days. Help Dad organize his with this stylish rustic storage unit that offers four drawers to tuck away office supplies, papers and more.

Primo Supply

Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses – Set of 2

For the Baseball Loyalist Dad

Can’t get enough of seeing your favorite team dominating the diamond? Let it relive the action of the games live with these park map pint glasses available in 29 different team options.

Uncommon Goods

The Honey Couplet Box

For the dad with a bearish sweet tooth

Brighton promises “raw, unfiltered honey straight from the hive” with this duo from Kauai (deep amber, molasses finish) and California (bright, lemony notes), respectively. Suggest using it on toast, roasted figs with goat cheese, or in a chicken crust recipe for maximum deliciousness.


Eatable Connoisseur’s Flight 6-pack – Wine and Spirits Infused Popcorn

For the sophisticated nibbler dad

We told you about Eatable’s delicious treats in this article on throwing a memorable party, but we’re not done raving about the tasty stuff.

The men’s gift set includes six of their most delicious flavors, including Whiskey on the Pops and, our favorite, Pop the Champagne. Each comes in a matte black 100 gram bag, and all flavors are non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free, and vegetarian.

Prime? The more you buy, the more you save, and by subscribing you’ll save 10% on every pack! It’s like the jam and jelly clubs of yesteryear, but with a snack people Actually want to.


JH Heat Resistant Oven Mitt

For the dad who likes to grill all year round

Or he may also enjoy lighting campfires – either way, his mittens are protected with these heat resistant gloves. They can withstand extreme temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit using outer preventive fibers and an all-cotton lining, and other uses for them include welding, indoor cooking, managing your fireplace, and everywhere where he might need extra hand protection.


Whiskey Cocktails – Leather Bound Book

For the classy whiskey-loving dad

Some dads are known for their love of good whiskey, so let him enjoy his next drink in a fancy cocktail when he pulls out this leather-bound cookbook that will make him feel like the smartest mixologist this side of Bourbon. Trail.

western elm

Large 8.5″ x 11″ premium black sketchbook

For the art-loving dad

If your dad likes to draw, write, or just doodle to keep his hands busy, give him an appropriate sketchbook to encourage his creative tendencies. It’s all too common for adults to crush their creativity in an effort to ‘grow up’, but their inner child will love the chance to draw to their heart’s content with this stylish book.

Add colored pencils to make it really draw.

Peter Pauper Press

Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar Bundle with Squier Frontman 10G Amp Black

For the dad who never got to live his rock n’ roll fantasy life

Let him become the ax man of his dreams with this handy starter kit that includes an electric Squier with a shiny poplar body plus a little amp to rip him around the garage. He may have given up on his dream of touring the world with a famous band, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on his talents.


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