6 Unique Gifts That Will Make You a Gifting Genius This Holiday Season

As much as we love the holidays, holiday gift shopping can often be daunting, to say the least. Buying gifts for the same batch year after year can often make our gifts uninspired.

To save you the embarrassment of being unimaginative with your gifts, we’ve put together this list of some of the most unique gifts you can give your loved ones this season. In fact, we’ve gone a step further and created a list that would be just as much of a gift for you as it is for your friends and family.

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Photos by Curiocité

Technically, you can buy from any of their 4000+ partners across Canada (you can check out the list here) but as we are here to make your life easier, we have selected exceptional objects for you that make great gifts.

Let’s dive in, okay?

Dopp Kit by TOPO

This gorg black dopp kit made from heritage materials is sure to be a winner for the traveler on your list.

Price: $89.00

Repayment : Up to 15%

Elf I Know Him Cre Socks by Stance

What’s more Christmas than a pair of quirky elf socks, especially ones featuring Hollywood’s greatest elf of all time, Will Ferrel! Perfect for anyone who loves a good laugh.

Price: $29.50

Repayment : Up to 12%

Kikkerland Kobe Poop Bag Holder

We bet this Super Adorbs Dog Head Poop Bag Holder will be a hit with all dog parents (even yourself)!

Price: $7.49

Repayment : Up to 12%

Snow Goggles by Dragon Alliance

For those with an outdoor bug and for those who like a sleek gram, these snow goggles can appeal to them both.

Price: $180.00

Repayment : Up to 15%

Cafe De Mello

As coffee lovers ourselves, we can attest to the fact that a festive season spent enjoying great coffee on a regular basis is a dream come true for coffee drinkers of all calibers. And this tasting set of 6 by De Mello is exactly what will make you popular with coffee freaks.

Price: $66.00

Repayment : Up to 12%

The Ride Club Membership

Yes, it’s a great gift for all the fitness junkies and home riders out there, but it’s also a great way to get yourself a biker bud.

Price: $48.00 – $480.00

Repayment : Up to 19.5%

This is the end of our list! If you do not already have a Neo card, we suggest you go to Neo Financial website to get all the information, grab your card and start earning cashback. Oh, and they also have a referral bonus where if you refer a friend, you and your friend will both receive $25 on your card. Might as well take advantage of the offer while it lasts.

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