The best gifts you can find here at home


Buying gifts is a skill. The perfect gift is not easy to acquire. Who are you buying it for? What do they like? Do they like practical gifts? Sentimental? It takes a combination of knowledge, effort and thinking outside the box to get the job done.

Browsing the Internet for gift guides will probably leave you as lost as before reading them. After all, how many times do you need to remind yourself that there are instant pots, air fryers, and weighted blankets?

So if you’re tired of wandering endlessly from aisle to aisle at another big box store, try taking a break and shopping local. The gifts are often unique, handcrafted, and just a little more special than buying your mom her fourth Alexa device that she’ll never use anyway.

Here are some of our favorites:

Renfroe pecans

Where: 2400 W. Fairfield Drive and 794 W. Main St.

Renfroe Pecan is a Pensacola staple that has transcended its locality and is now in demand nationally. The business started here in Pensacola in 1956, when Jake Renfroe Sr. began selling and distributing wholesale pecans. The business expanded in the 1970s with retail stores and opened a second store in downtown Pensacola, directly across from Joe Patti’s.

If you’ve never been, Renfroe Pecan Company is famous for its pecans. But the company has expanded its products over its 65 years of operation. Now you can find all kinds of nuts like candied, roasted and salted, or raw. The kitchen also makes fudge and pralines in New Orleans.

You can buy the nuts on their own, but Renfroe Pecan is probably best known for their gift baskets. You can get a Gift From Pensacola, Something Sweet, Christmas Tote or get creative and make your own personalized gift basket.

Joe Patti’s Seafood

Where: 524, rue SB

If you really want to share the love of Pensacola, send the favorite people on your list a Joe Patti’s Seafood gift box. Items available in store and for shipping include shrimp, lobster, salmon, clams, oysters, sushi, squid and more. They even calculate the size of the cooler and the packing materials in your purchase to make it as easy as possible.

the garden of angels

Where: 1208 N. 12th Ave.

Unique items on sale at Angel's Garden Unique Gifts on 12th Avenue on November 13th.

Angel’s Garden, owned by Debby Tracey, has been around for 30 years. The store is located on 12th Avenue in East Hill and probably caught your eye with its quaint exterior but baby blue paint.

Angel’s offers a variety of books, jewelry, candles, wine glasses, figurines, and a variety of other gift items. It represents more than 100 artists from Pensacola and the surrounding area. Fancy a local atmosphere? You can find “I love East Hill” products, Pensacola ornaments and more.


Where: 242 W. Garden St.

Artesana is another unique gift shop that has been around Pensacola for decades. Founded in 1967 by Marian and Ralph Kinser, it originally sold an assortment of fine and eclectic gifts, including their famous wooden plates. It has since been sold to their niece until it finally ended up in the hands of Josephine Daniels in 2003 and has grown steadily since.

Daniels says she strives to help her clients find the perfect gift. Artesana is the largest importer of wooden tableware in the South East and specializes in wooden plates, kitchenware, lamps, linen, Vietri, enamels, Crabtree & Evelyn, baby and wedding gifts. , and personalized printed and engraved invitations.

Support small businesses:Pensacola full of unique and precious gifts

Taste of Pensacola


Probably one of the most interesting gifts you can get comes from Taste of Pensacola. What you’ll find at Taste of Pensacola doesn’t necessarily come from the company itself, but rather is an organized box of items all sourced from local suppliers.

Taste of Pensacola wanted to raise awareness and develop the economy of small businesses in the region through a unique online shopping experience. The result is a series of specially designed gift baskets filled with items you really only find here at home.

Signature box contains East Hill Honey, Herb Blends from Asher & Bee’s Origami Works Tea Line, Blueberry, Lemon, Strawberry, and King of Corn Watermelon Popcorn Blend soufflé and more.

Gift shop at the Pensacola History Museum

Where: 330 S. Jefferson St.

Pensacola History Museum presents a new exhibit featuring Trader Jon's.  The exhibition, a recreation of Pensacola's iconic bar, features hundreds of items from the historic bar.

If you want quirky Pensacola-themed gifts, the Pensacola History Museum gift shop has items you won’t find anywhere else. The coolest items might be Trader Jon’s shirts and swag bar that come with their display in the iconic upstairs bar.

The exhibit celebrates the life and legacy of Trader Jon and his Palafox bar, which he opened on January 1, 1953 and operated until 1998, a year after suffering a debilitating stroke. The Wentworth exhibit features 15% of the estimated 10,000 pieces of military memorabilia that make up the Trader Jon collection, which is now overseen by the University of West Florida Historic Trust, which hosted the exhibit. The collection is valued at $ 2 million and includes photographs of Trader Jon with celebrities such as Bob Hope and Brooke Shields. It includes flight suits, model aircraft hanging from the rafters, unit stickers and banners, and even a Trader Jon’s wooden bar table.

Beautiful soul’

Where: 911 N. 12th Ave.

Want to do some shopping in paradise? Then stop at Belle Ame ‘on 12th Avenue in East Hill. Surrounded by some of the world’s finest fragrances, you’ll forget the chaos of holiday shopping. Test sugar lotions and scrubs before you buy, take just the right amount of bath salts, and explore the nearly endless list of candles, body washes, bath bombs, soaps, mouse bars and more! Each piece is handmade. Good luck getting out of this shop without a little something for you.

Rusty Arrow Mercantile

Where: 130 Place Palafox

Buyers are looking for freebies at Rusted Arrow Mercantile on November 28, 2020, Small Business Saturday in downtown Pensacola.

Walking past Rusted Arrow Mercantile is always eye-catching. Mother-daughter duo Samantha Breedlove and Ruth Cornelius change things up every few months, and it always looks awesome. But for Christmas, they keep the holiday spirit soaring until 11am with a gorgeous Christmas tree set up as soon as you walk in and decorations laid out all over the place as if they came straight from Santa’s workshop. The best thing about the whole setup is that you can actually buy everything (most of the time).

The Rusted Arrow is usually full of coastal farmhouse decor. Most of the pieces are created taking vintage furniture and adding a unique style. This is not all the furniture. You can find stone glasses, Pensacola themed gifts, a wall of candles, children’s toys and more. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift with a story to tell, Rusted Arrow Mercantile should be on your shopping list.


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