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The hardest part of a vacation is finding the perfect gift for everyone in the family, even the hardest to buy for loved ones.

The Kentucky Movers and Makers gift shop has something for everyone, from adults to children, even pets.

Melanie Tapp, director of business relations for the Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation, said the gift shop has around 10 Makers members making and selling a variety of items.

“We have some good stuff that is perfect for downs,” she said.

There are small items like ink pens, bourbon barrel opener, and Christmas embroidered paper towels. For children there are Mini Mouse and reindeer sled caps and flashcards that come with their own carrying case.

“You can throw that in their stockings,” Tapp said.

There are also a variety of Christmas ornaments, from embroidered leather to wood. The wooden ornaments honor Hanson and Madisonville. There are also hand-turned wooden angel ornaments.

“This is definitely a handcrafted item that one of our members made,” Tapp said.

The shop also sells handmade handbags and wallets, she said. There is even a British handbag with all British colors and British fabric inside.

“This should be a good seller for any UK fan,” Tapp said.

The shop even has gift ideas for teachers, like a handmade insulated lunch bag and a double-sided handmade pen, with red ink on one side and black ink on the other. .

“I can see this is a perfect gift for teachers,” Tapp said.

The Maker Space Gift Shop also has wooden gift certificates for the artist in the family who might want to make their own gift.

The gift shop not only has great gift ideas but fun Christmas themed activities to celebrate the holidays and bring joy to the faces of children.

Tapp said a member of Owensboro made wooden stencils for Santa’s footprints. She said that people can use baby powder, flour or powdered sugar to create the Santa Claus footprints.

“Then your kids can wake up and see Santa Claus walked through their house,” she said. “This is a really cool gift for the kids to buy to see on Christmas morning.”

There is also a Take and Make kit for children. If parents don’t want to deal with frosting a gingerbread house, the maker space has a craft to keep the kids busy and it can turn into a great keepsake or gift for a grandparent. .

“We always want to include kids in the creative space in a way that makes them active and doing things,” Tapp said.

Gift ideas are endless at the Maker Space Gift Shop, from family cooks to hunters.

Tapp said the prices were quite reasonable with most prices being $ 30 and under. She said some items, like handbags, can go up to $ 75 depending on the size of the handbag.

“We have so many items that are great for storing gifts and just a really handy way to give back to the community, help support a local business and find something unique,” ​​she said. .

Kentucky Mover’s and Makers is open from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Tapp said that although The Roastery employees help check people out at the gift shop, they are very busy, so shopping during business hours will ensure you get the item you want.


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