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If you thought it was hard to buy your mom’s gift, try finding a gift that piques a nerd’s interest. From dorky Lego sets to stylish board games, here are four unique gifts for the geek in your life.

Star Wars: Rebellion

There’s no better gift for a board game-loving Star Wars fan than Star Wars: Rebellion. This game lets two players become the heroic Rebel Alliance and the evil Galactic Empire and rewrite the Skywalker saga. This time, it might be Princess Leia who gets frozen in carbonite! After five years on the market, this game remains the eighth highest ranked board game in all the timeso you know it’s good!

Framed fantasy cards

If you live with a geek who appreciates beautiful things, consider buying them some artwork, especially in the form of a fantasy map. So many classics have amazing maps that a nerd would love on their wall, like Middle-earth and Westeros. A framed card instantly classifies any dork den and allows your loved one to retain their geeky credibility.

Lego set from their favorite movie

Lego has a set for almost every popular intellectual property of the past few decades. From Star Wars to Harry Potter to Batman and Spider-Man, Lego has you covered. If the geek you love has a special Jurassic Park place in their heart, imagine the look on their face when they unbox a 3,000 piece T-rex set.

Electric bike conversion kit

There are many reasons to convert a bike to an e-bike, but perhaps the most exciting is this: it’s sure to get the person inside – a lot. The best way to convince someone who loves the comforts of their home to venture out is to offer the perfect mix: technology, excitement and adventure.

You get all of these things and more when you convert a regular old bike into an e-bike that can hit 25 miles per hour with no problem.

Now that you know these four unique gifts for the geek in your life, brighten up their holiday season and get ready to watch them have a blast.

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