These SLC stores are the place to find unique gifts this season.


Every holiday season is full of gift guides of all kinds, filling inboxes and splashing social media ads. But these are primarily designed to boost e-commerce for brands that sell online. For the engaged local shopper – or, let’s be honest, the last-minute shopper worried about shipping time for online purchases – who wants to know where to get great gifts without having to deal with the crowds and crowds. limited inventory of large boxes can turn to this list.

Or maybe you just want that festive boating experience that feels more like a seasonal outing and not a grueling race. Think of this list less as a gift guide and more as a discovery route to find those unique and interesting gifts for each person in your life.

It might sound like too much on the nose, but I’m talking about real gift shops. You know like the ones you have to go out through when visiting various local attractions. From the zoo to the planetarium and other places of interest, attraction souvenir shops are THE perfect place to walk your social distances for Christmas shopping and gifts for the holiday season. Here are four Salt Lake gift shops that will surprise and impress you with the quality of merchandise and thoughtful gifts they offer.

This is the place and the heritage park of the pioneer village

Self-proclaimed as the largest visitor center gift shop west of the Mississippi (although it’s unclear how verifiable this is), there’s no doubt that this tiny gift shop is having an outsized impact. . The website says they have everything from coon skin caps to designer jewelry. Oddly enough, this description paints the perfect picture. There are different sections of products by category in the former Pioneer House gift shop which was the main center for visitors until they recently built a multi-million dollar interpretive center in side. And these sections contain it all. It’s almost more of a pioneer general store than a gift shop, as you can shop for kitchenware and food preserves as well as clothing, souvenirs, puzzles, and knick-knacks in all shapes, prices, and sizes. Defying description, this is a gift shop that must be experienced. This is not the place to look for something specific, but rather to open your mind to gift ideas that you might never have thought of in advance.

Clark Planetarium

Disclaimer, The Gateway Clark Planetarium Gift Shop is where I got pretty much all of my kids’ gifts last year. But I can personally attest that the entire time I was there there was only one other buyer, and this being 2020 and all that that meant for COVID-19, I was grateful. But other than that I had my pick of some of the best science and STEM related toys and games you can find in Salt Lake City which meant more than fun on Christmas morning, but practical and fun together. for weeks and months. then we built a weather station, grew shoots, extracted the colors from the black ink to create a rainbow on a coffee filter and more. From phosphorescent constellations to high-end telescopes to see actual constellations, find it all at the planetarium gift shop.

Hogle Zoo

Not only is the Hogle Zoo Salt Lake gift shop a great place to get the best quality stuffed animals that represent the actual animals they have in the zoo, but it’s also a great stop for merchandise and international products which often support worthy causes and are not exploitative or mass produced. Fairtrade coffee and jewelry, eco-friendly clothing and newspapers, plus adventure gear and curiosity toys fill this zoo’s gift shop, making it a treasure trove of possibilities. gifts for everyone you have on your list. But let me get right to the point: this is where you come from to get the cutest red panda stuffed animals. They are ALMOST as cute as the ones at the zoo.

UMFA museum shop

One of life’s beautiful little secrets is this: Art museum gift shops always impress. They are the best place to go for high quality journals, sketchbooks, and personal art supplies like stationery, pens, colored pencils and really everything in that category. There is just something about being in the presence of art that makes people want to create their own art. And for that, the museum gift shop is ready to empower your itchy fingers. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts Gift Shop is no exception. Find heavyweight cardboard books that you can’t stop stroking to gift your creative friends, bold and colorful jewelry, scarves, and Rothko calendars. There is a creative and beautiful world to discover at the University of Utah UMFA Gift Shop.

There are more gift shops and more attractions in Salt Lake City. From Temple Square to Red Butte Garden, from the Discovery Walkway to the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, just days before Christmas, it’s not too late for local shopping and last-minute inspiration. you need at a local museum or attraction gift shop near you.

This article originally appeared on the Salt Lake City Patch


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