Propose Day 2022: 8 unique gifts for your girlfriend that will make her blush

The 2nd day of the week of Valentine’s Day is called the day of proposals and is specially dedicated to young loves. It is a day to propose to your partner and a large number of young people give flowers and gifts to their future girlfriend or boyfriend. Young people also take advantage of this day to express their feelings to their favorites. If you already have a girlfriend or daughter you really like, here are some unique proposal day gifts you can give her that will make her blush.

Charm bracelet I love you

If your girlfriend likes to wear chic accessories, then this gold plated charm bracelet will put a smile on her face! This bracelet features a cute “I love you” heart charm that will always remind your daughter how much you love her. Even on bad days, the bracelet will put her in a good mood!

Price: 649 rupees

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explosion box

Your love proposal should come with an element of surprise, and therefore an explosion box is one of the best proposal gift ideas. This gift is super personal and something your daughter will always hold close to her heart. You can personalize it with your own images and messages, making your girlfriend feel like you really made an effort.


Price: 300 rupees

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LED night light

This beautiful glass lamp has “Love you forever” engraved on it and makes a great proposal gift. You can simply get down on your knees and give him the lamp as a sign of your commitment. It has 7 different LED colors and she can add an aesthetic touch to your room by placing it on her bedside.


Price: 249 rupees

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Teddy bear and greeting card

There’s no girl in this world who wouldn’t appreciate an adorable teddy bear. This hamper includes a soft and cuddly teddy bear your daughter can cuddle up with whenever you’re away, a greeting card and a key ring that says “Be Mine”.


Price: 249 rupees

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Eternal Golden Rose

Everyone loves roses, but the one that comes with an expiration date hurts badly. One of the best choices is an eternal rose that will stay the same forever, just like your love for your daughter! She can use this rose to decorate her bedroom or her bedside. He will forever be with her and let her know that she will always be precious to you.


Price: 225 rupees

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Engagement ring

We’re just a little different. So life is a little different. And when we meet someone whose strangeness is consistent with ours; we follow them and fall into the weirdness that is mutually agreeable and call it true love. If you’re too young to propose to your daughter but still want to give her security, give her this promise ring on proposal day and commit to her for life!


Price: Rs.1350

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Torque pendant

Another great and thoughtful gift is the couple’s pendant, where she will keep the first half of the pendant with her and you hold the second half. It is one of the signs or symbols that you are part of each other and incomplete without each other. This gift is an eternal promise to each other and reminds you both of your devotion to each other.


Price: Rs.474

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mini bath bombs

These adorable mini heart-shaped bath bombs will soothe her when she takes a bath and hydrate her skin with the essential oils and moisturizers they contain. These bath bombs are a great way for her to enjoy a moment of relaxation after a long day at work. These bath bombs also heal and nourish your skin and help relieve tension or rid your body of pain.


Price: Rs.499

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