Whitley Bay woman makes perfect unique gifts for anyone who loves the North East Coast

A Whitley Bay woman has wowed locals by making unique sea glass jewelry and souvenirs, giving people the chance to keep a slice of a scenic northeast beach with them forever.

Rebecca Sidell, 46, moved to Whitley Bay from London nine years ago and was immediately taken with the beauty of the north east coast.

When Rebecca, who is also a foster parent and teaching assistant, walked her dogs on the beach at Whitley Bay, the sea glass hidden in the sand quickly began to catch her eye.

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The sea glass piqued Rebecca’s curiosity. “I think it’s wondering how far he’s come,” she says of the weathered pieces of glass, which are gradually smoothed by the sea over a period of two to three decades. “Where did it come from, what was it part of, and things like that – it just fires my imagination.”

She couldn’t resist pocketing these stranded treasures – in no time she had amassed an impressive collection of sea glass and decided to put it to use.

Using leftover metal wire from a previous craft project, Rebecca began fashioning jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets using the sea glass she had discovered.

Rebecca hunts sea glass on the beach at Whitley Bay with her dog Peggy

The hobby took off when locals started noticing Rebecca’s unique work and contacted her to ask what else she could do with sea glass.

She started making decorations after a couple getting married at St Mary’s Lighthouse asked her if she could make a sea glass heart for their wedding bouquet.

Now, Rebecca also makes fish, starfish and mermaid hanging decorations that can be found in stores along the coast, including For the Love of the North in Spanish City.

Eye-catching sea glass items can also be found at local craft markets, and Rebecca regularly hosts community workshops to teach others how to make crafts.

Rebecca's sea glass crafts include hearts, starfish and mermaids
Rebecca’s sea glass crafts include hearts, starfish and mermaids

Rebecca says meeting people through these workshops and markets has been one of the best things about the hobby, and recommends everyone consider collecting sea glass.

She says the sea glass hunting process is great for those looking for a relaxing hobby. “I find it’s a pretty conscious exercise, walking on the beach,” she says. “You drift off a bit because you’re focused on finding the glass, and you never really know what you’re going to find.”

“I think the beach is my happy place,” she adds. “I love.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Rebecca’s work with sea glass.

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