PENGUINDRUM Announce Cast and Director Reunion Stream, Theater Gift Art

It’s all about to get a little weird when RE:PENGUINDRUM cycle hits Japanese theaters later this month. But first, director Kunihiko Ikuhara and its main cast will team up for a stream celebrating the original series’ tenth anniversary and revealing more about the upcoming film.

RE: union of the PENGUINDRUM will feature guest appearances from Ikuhara as well as voice actors from the Takakura siblings: Subaru Kimura (voice of Kanba), Ryohei Kimura (voiced by Shōma), and Miho Arakawa (voice of Himari). The four will discuss PENGUINTAMBOUR, as well as showing highlights and releasing new information about the upcoming movie release. It is billed as “the first alumni reunion in ten years”.

RE: PENGUINDRUM theater gift art cycle by Lily Hoshino

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Additionally, new art has been revealed: a drawing of the siblings by PENGUINTAMBOUR original character designer Lily Hoshino. The art will be distributed as a B5 print to viewers.

RE: union of the PENGUINDRUM will broadcast on the KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE official YouTube channel on April 20 at 9 p.m. JST. The first of two RE:PENGUINDRUM cycle films, which compiles the 2011 series with the addition of new elements, premieres in Japan on April 29.

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