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Photos by Amy Phelps Green Acres of Marietta is located at 128 Front St.

Many people like to visit antique and thrift stores to search for elusive items, bargains, and other unique items. Visitors need look no further than Marietta, as there are many such stores in town.

Jennifer Sturgill, owner of Green Acres of Marietta, located at 128 Front. St., will celebrate its sixth year of operation in September. “I had a store in California and moved my stuff here,” she says.

Sturgill sources its own products. “I’m a pirate – I’m always treasure hunting” she says. She gets many items through estate sales and through other people looking for finds for her as well.

And this perseverance shows. “We release 30 new products a day” she says. “What sets me apart from everyone else on the planet.”

Another thing that customers notice is the organization and cleanliness of the store. “We dust and arrange every day” she says. “It’s hard to find dust here.”

Popular products range from vintage Fenton wares and glassware to teacups and sterling silver, gold and costume jewelry. “I sell souvenirs” she said of the objects people find that remind them of their childhood, loved ones and other loved ones.

But it’s not just vintage that’s sold at the store. Sturgill also sells handmade items, such as headbands, earrings, candles, and other jewelry. “I can’t keep the headbands in stock,” she says. As far as jewelry goes, a hot item right now is the oyster bar, featuring necklaces and rings with cages to hold pearls that can be harvested from the store.

Another popular item? Sturgill’s 11-year-old dog, Chloe, who is a staple in the store. “She is the most photographed thing in Marietta”, said Sturgill. “She is nice.”

Green Acres of Marietta is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit them at

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