Unique Gifts to Make Mom Happy This Mother’s Day

Photo courtesy of BELatina

Photo albums are never lacking in a Latino home — shiny, sometimes worn, delicately placed in a cabinet under the TV or from abuelita living room. In our culture, images and memories are fundamental.

However, with the magic of smartphones, we have lost the habit of stopping in front of our favorite photos. We no longer remember the emotions of this moment, and we have forgotten how to immortalize those who may no longer be with us through a beautiful photo.

What if we told you that we have the perfect ally to combine the art of imagery with your favorite memories? Better yet, what if we told you that we have the ideal gifts to please mom on this Mother’s Day?

We talk about our friends from My picturea photo memory company based on the fundamental values ​​that all Latin American families share.

They stand behind the printed photos and the products themselves, and damn it, they have great products!

We’re not talking about downloading an app or subscribing to a service. We’re talking about your photos, from your phone to your home in 5 days, and ordered in less than 5 minutes!

Here are their flagship products, ideal for this Mother’s Day:

Capture your favorite portraits with AirGlass™

Photo courtesy of MyPhoto
Photo courtesy of MyPhoto

Stickable, restickable and leaves no trace. AirGlass™ is the lightest art photo in the world.

Weighing just 2.8 ounces, AirGlass is made with glass similar to your iPhone. This light and very clear glass comes with an adhesive tape that can be repositioned. No nails are needed and no damage to the wall. The special mount makes your photo look like floating glass on the wall.

It’s ideal for making a great photo wall!

Give your images that prismatic effect with the Acrylic MiniBlox

Photo courtesy of MyPhoto.
Photo courtesy of MyPhoto.

Your photos are printed in high definition on one side, so their prismatic effect is optically clear and can be enjoyed from both sides.

My picture Miniblox arrives in beautiful, individually wrapped gift boxes.

This is undoubtedly the best gift for mom. They are perfect for collecting and displaying all your favorite photo memories. Stack them, collect them, give them as gifts, place them anywhere, and we promise it will be hard to choose just one!

Make mom happy with these mini magnets

Photo courtesy of MyPhoto.

Have you ever seen the refrigerator door in a Latino home? There are always many, many magnets! In addition to being a must-have, they are probably the best gift for mom. These mini magnets of My picture will be your new best friend. They will turn any magnetic surface into a high quality art gallery with mini magnets of your favorite photos.

My picture prints your images on clear acrylic and they appear to float on the surface thanks to their thick magnetic backing. Can you imagine a better gift?

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