32 unique gifts for gardeners who have everything 2022

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It takes a special person to plant a garden and find pleasure in providing it with all the care it needs to flourish. Talk about patience (and an endless list of gardening tools)! This is why we have rounded the best gifts for gardeners, so you don’t have to scramble to find the most unique and creative gifts for the plant people in your life (especially those who already seem to have it all!). We share picks for self-proclaimed gardening experts as well as novice gardeners who will surely appreciate you encouraging their hobby. Think mini herb gardens, stylish baskets and planters, cocktail kits and more – in other words, all the thoughtful gadgets and accessories they could want.

Any of these cute gardening gifts will make their love for you grow, whether it’s an idea to keep their garden looking its best or an item that lets everyone know how green their thumbs are. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong anyway.

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Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Whether given for a birthday or the holidays, this truly unique kit shows the recipient that you are thinking of them.


Lily Scalloped Tin Planters

A gardener can never have too many planters, especially when it comes to this lovely scalloped edge design available in two understated colors. Plus, they’re part of the elegant home collection that Charleston lifestyle designer Julia Berolzheimer has released with Pottery Barn.


Paper potter Secrets of the Vegetable Garden

Why buy plastic starter pots when you can make your own? A paper jar maker offers a reusable solution your gift will love pulling out year after year.

You’d be hard pressed to find a gardener who doesn’t appreciate a custom planter. This galvanized steel can be personalized with any text and small graphic you wish. In other words, have fun with it!

These tiny terrarium candles are popular for many reasons. Just look at the adorable little wax cactus and poppy designs! Plus, they smell amazing.


Menagerie Garden Embroidered Journal

Let’s face it, this embroidered journal is almost too beautiful to use. However, the flower lover in your life is bound to find joy in documenting everything from the seeds they hope for to the tried-and-true care tips.


Gardener’s Harvest Basket

Bring your produce home from your garden in this beautiful wood and wire basket. The mesh at the bottom makes it easy to water your fruits and vegetables.

With this cute houseplant pendant (choose from seven different options) they can proudly show off their favorite hobby. And if they’re also a bit of a fashionista, you’ll be pleased to know that you can choose from an impressive range of chain lengths and metals, including the stainless gold that’s featured here.

It’s likely that even the most seasoned gardeners have never had their tools customized. Bring a smile to their face with a message engraved on the handle of their new favorite garden trowel.


Vegan Leather Gardening Apron

Not only is this chic apron made from soft vegan leather, but it comes with a handy carry bag which is also meant to be used for carrying bread.


Flowerpot Bread Maker Kit (Set of 4)


UPF 50+ Sun Protection Fishing Hat

Style and function come together with this wide brim roll-up hat that offers UPF 50+ UV protection.


Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

Energy-efficient LED lights and pre-seeded plant pods make this indoor herb garden an easy gift for the gardeners in your life. Just fill the water tank and you’re done.

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First impressions are everything, so make it easy for your beloved plant enthusiast to set the right tone the moment a guest sets foot on their doorstep.


Unique gift for gardeners

Cocktail grow kit

Some cocktails are all about the aromatics. With this kit, you will get six sachets of seeds: thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm and blue borage. You can start your seedlings in the recycled egg carton provided, then transfer your plants to a pot as they grow large enough.


cute gardening gift for kids

From the Stamp Garden

A thoughtful gift for adults and children, this easy-to-hold wooden garden stamp is customizable and can be used on jar labels, bag tags and more. You’ll know exactly who grew those tomatoes or pickled those cucumbers!

Unique flavors like strawberry and basil (and lavender and lemongrass) come together for unique tasting pops – and then you can plant the stick (which contains seeds) to grow thyme, basil, marigold and five other types of seeds to fill your garden.


Brass Plant/Terrarium Fogger

Sustainable Village

Can we talk about how cute this little gentleman is? It is perfect for misting moss, terrariums, orchids and even bonsai. It comes in brass, nickel, and copper styles.

Make it easy to remember what you planted (without cheap pegs that fade when paused). These acrylic plant markers do the trick!


Glass mason jar for bird feeder

Your gift can enjoy their morning coffee in the garden in the company of local birds with this easy-to-fill bird feeder made from an old mason jar.


Secret Garden: An Ink Scavenger Hunt and Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. Immerse yourself in a dreamy secret garden where you can spend hours coloring pretty flowers (and finding hidden objects through the illustrations).


Unique gift for gardeners

The Drunken Botanist

The recipient of this unique Amy Stewart read will walk away with a deeper understanding of their favorite botanical cocktails – it’s so fascinating to learn how they came together throughout history!


personalized gardening gift

Custom Seed Packet Stamp

Your gift will be delighted to be able to easily share the seeds from his garden with his friends. All they have to do is dab a packet of seeds (white or butcher paper), let it dry and fill it up!


Honeycomb Houseplant Trellis

Why settle for a simple trellis when you can also have art? Handcrafted and available in a variety of sizes, this wooden honeycomb is perfect for plants with room to grow.


Honeycomb Decomposition Book

We’ve all had a composition book, but this honeycomb-themed decomposition book is made from recycled paper – a perfect gift for someone with a passion for the great outdoors.


Pink House Alchemy Lavender Syrup

Sometimes the best way to make a great cocktail is to use flavors straight from your garden. Pink House Alchemy has the right idea with this lavender syrup, which is an easy way to elevate your Friday night.


Fern + Moss Minimalist Jar Soy Candle

Bring the fresh scent of the great outdoors into your favorite nature lover’s home with this vegan soy candle made in Brooklyn. The fragrance contains notes of sage and lavender alongside spruce and pine.


Plant Lady Wine Tumbler


Floral subscription to The Bouqs Co.

No one can argue with *more* flowers. Sign up (or sign up your friends) for a joy-boosting flower subscription, available at different prices. What’s more, your flowers will be fresh: Bouqs sources them directly from the farm, which means there are fewer middlemen between you and the freshest flowers.


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Brass Monstera Earrings

A peaceful puppy planter is the perfect container for your next succulent. Also, the seller will pack the item for free if you request it.


Spiced Honey Bees Knees

For someone who likes to eat in their garden among flora and fauna, this chili-infused honey (made in small batches in New York) is a game-changer. It is perfect for adding spice to pizza and other savory dishes.

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