7 Unique Gifts Under $100 to Give Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I think all dads deserve something special. The pandemic has been bad for all of us, but it’s been especially hard on dads. With many workplaces closed and finances on hold, many dads still managed to keep a happy face for their family and kept it all going. So on this Father’s Day, let’s give dads everything they deserve and more and show them they’re loved and appreciated. However, shopping for your dad can be very difficult because he really doesn’t want anything most of the time. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of 7 unique and practical products with top reviews that he’s sure to love and use all the time!

7 best Father’s Day gifts for your dad who said he didn’t want anything:

If your dad says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, here are some unique gifts you can give him.

1. Foot massager

Now your dad can give himself a relaxing foot massage anytime with this foot massager. This foot massager uses a combination of kneading, rolling, and arch scraping to help increase blood circulation and muscle relaxation. It has 3 custom modes to target the tips of your toes, arch, ball of the foot with adjustable kneading speed and manual mode to target your areas such as calves with adjustable speed and two different massage directions .

Price: $99

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2. Espresso and cappuccino coffee machine

Now your dad can brew himself a hot cup of coffee every morning in the comfort of his own kitchen with this coffee maker. The anti-drip feature lets you pour a cup of coffee before the full brew cycle is complete. It can easily brew a cup of cappuccino or espresso by simply selecting single or double shots of espresso at the touch of a button. It also has an automatic milk frother that whips milk into a light, creamy froth.


Price: $41.95

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3. Electric lawnmower

Everyone loves a good beard but no one loves a lousy beard. It is extremely important to trim your beard from time to time in order to give it shape and enhance its growth. Give your dad this beard trimmer to keep his beard always in shape. It lasts up to 60 minutes on a full charge and will give him the beard of his dreams. It has a unique blade that will allow you to style, trim and shave, while keeping your skin soft.


Price: $32.97

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4. Massage gun

Give your dad a full body massage with this handheld electric massager that helps with relaxation and pain relief through deep tissue stimulation. It is light, versatile and simple to control and will help her get rid of all the anxiety, stress and knots in her body. The protective mesh cover is soft and skin-friendly to have a smooth massage feeling on the skin.


Price: $39.98

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5. Insulated Travel Tumbler

If your dad travels often or just drives a distance every morning for work, now he can enjoy his morning coffee wherever he is with this insulated travel tumbler. The tumbler features a double-walled vacuum that provides excellent temperature protection. It will keep your dad’s drink hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. So that he feels the warmth of the winter sun when he drinks his hot coffee, and feels the youth and vitality of summer when he drinks his cold drink.


Price: $18.49

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6. Coffee/drink cooler

Now make sure your dad can enjoy a cool drink every night after a long day at work with this beverage cooler. It’s the easiest and most economical way to chill your favorite beverages. The patented design uses plain water to cool and there are no chemicals or gels. If he’s running late and doesn’t have time to brew his iced coffee, the HyperChiller will chill his coffee in less than 60 seconds. He can calm a hectic morning with an iced coffee on the go. It’s perfect for cooling any beverage, whether it’s a special blend of tea, juice, wine or other adult beverages without dilution, it can even chill a glass of wine or beer.


Price: $49

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7. Temperature Control Smart Mug

This mug is one of the most advanced coffee mugs on the market, allowing your dad to set and maintain his preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages. This cup can be controlled by his smartphone and he can adjust the temperature, customize presets, receive notifications and more. It wakes up intelligently when hot liquid is poured in and goes into sleep mode when not in use. It will maintain your desired drinking temperature for up to 1.5 hours, or all day when paired with the included charging coaster.


Price: $50.59

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If your dad is someone who often says he doesn’t want anything for himself, but does everything to get you exactly what you want, then this Father’s Day show him he’s loved and appreciated with these gifts. unique. The products mentioned above are not only super cool, but also something he can put to good use.

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