Cool and Unique Gifts for Tweens and Tweens | 2022

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When it comes to buying tweens, some people may feel a bit overwhelmed. (Tweens are, after all, mysterious creatures.) If you don’t know what’s trendy or popular and can’t find anything to pack for upcoming events such as birthdays or holidays this year, we We’re here to help you look like you’re taking over what the tweens write — and more importantly, earning you cool points with the teens and their friends.

From cozy bedroom accessories to fashion accessories and musical items, tweens and tweens have no shortage of gifts. Seriously, even those who like to relax at home will appreciate these fun and creative gift ideas. Before, we racked our brains to round up some of the best gift ideas for tweens, ranging from affordable to expensive and everything in between.

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— Additional reporting by Alessia Santoro

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