12 unique gifts for men who have everything

If you’ve reached a point in your gifting journey for your partner, dad, or another man where you feel like you’ve bought every cologne, dopp kit, or sports memorabilia, it’s time to shake things up. things. To help you out, we’ve tapped stylists, fitness pros, and other trend setters for their top suggestions on what to gift the guy who really seems to have it all. From cocktail gimmicks that will enhance her drinks to the ultimate bodysuits, these are gifts you can buy with confidence – no gift receipt required.

For the man who loves a good spin

Aviation gin

Aviation American Gin

Gift set

When Kat Hantas, the co-founder of San Francisco 21 tequila seedswants to raise the bar on a friend’s booze collection, she reaches for it herbal infused gin. With notes of juniper, cardamom and dried orange peel, it’s a beautifully versatile and mixable spirit, says Hantas. Give it alone or as part of a kit with glasses; Either way, a portion of the proceeds from each sale benefits Bahamian non-profit organization The Exuma Foundation.

For foodies

The Smoking Gun Pro Handheld Smoke Infuser


The Smoking Gun Pro Handheld Smoke Infuser

Here’s an unexpected gift “for anyone who likes to experiment with toys and kitchen flavors,” says Hard Rock Hotel New York executive chef Oscar Gonzalez, who raves about this wearable gadget. It allows home chefs to add layers of natural, cold smoked flavor to foods and beverages (meats, vegetables, Old-Fashioneds and more) in minutes “without the mess and hassle of a massive industrial smoker”, he said. Moreover, it is portable and cool.

For the external animator

Grill gazebo

If he can’t stand the heat when barbecuing, he’ll appreciate it cool setup with shadow to protect it from the harsh rays of the sun and a misting system, plus an integrated cooler and a place to place your phone or tablet. “Top Chef” finalist and based in Washington, DC chef and restaurateur Spike Mendelsohn is a fan of the craft. “You’re toasting like you’re in ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,'” he says, “you get this Disney World-style spray on your face to cool you down; and the cold drink depot is an advantage.

For the gym rat

Theragun Elite

There’s a reason everyone comes from Chris Hemsworth to the guy in the locker room at the gym was delighted with it muscle soothing device, which makes an infinitely useful gift. The vibration and force of percussive therapy can aid recovery, says certified personal trainer Luke Milton, founder of workout buddy in Los Angeles, who relies on him to relieve tight iliotibial bands and warm up his glutes and hamstrings before a workout. “The Worthy Investment” is also a hit with its customers, not only helping to warm them up before workouts, but also “mitigate the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness.”

For the doomsday prep

solar generator

If he can still recite the Boy Scout Pledge from memory, he’ll appreciate it. portable backup battery, especially the next time it loses power. “The great thing is that it doesn’t use gasoline, so you can use it at home,” says innovation and technology expert Steve GreenbergYouTube gadget game show host “What is this thing?” And whether he plugs it in, connects it to his car, or uses the solar panels that come with it, it holds a charge for a year, Greenberg says, and keeps his iPhone and air conditioning on for up to seven days.

For the detail-oriented chest of drawers


Even though he’s already neatly organized his dream closet, he could still use a pack of what the Mr. Davis brand claims is “the best underwear in the world.” Consider Chicago-based personal shopper and image consultant Jennifer Lund, who owns A well-dressed man, among the convinced. “I love the bamboo viscose and spandex fabric, which makes it soft and comfortable with its stretch,” she says, noting that it’s also long enough to stay tucked in. While the v-neck and crew are available in black, white, and gray, she prefers the tan hue because it doesn’t show off under a white shirt.

For the health conscious guy


Save it this morning run to the juice store. With just the press of a button, this 18 oz rechargeable gadget makes smoothies, iced coffee and other tasty blends in about 10 seconds. And because it’s the size of a water bottle, says Greenberg, “it can go anywhere – throw it in a backpack and have that smoothie when you’re biking, taking a walk, or that you’re at the gym”.

For utility types

Italian knit blazer


Italian knit blazer

Like the menswear little black dress, this casual blazer in knitted cotton will take her from the office to a date night. “It looks great with jeans or 5-pocket pants,” notes Lund, “and it’s really comfortable due to the flexibility of a knit versus a woven fabric.” Lund also likes that it comes in three fits – slim, standard and athletic – so it suits most body types.

For the guy on the go

Traveler backpack

Now that we’ve brought the fanny pack back (sorry, waist bag), Lund would like to advance the backpack for adults. The nylon version of Tumi is a crowd-pleasing gift for its sleek design and ability to travel well, she says. At just 4.5 inches deep, it still has pockets for a laptop, phone, pens and other essentials, plus it comes with a strap that fits over a handle on a handbag. casters.

For the gadget guy

Smart alarm clock with Alexa

Sandman Doppler

Smart alarm clock with Alexa

Hey, Alexa, can you play my favorite relaxation music for bedtime, set several different alarms, and tell me the weather tomorrow? With Amazon’s built-in voice assistant, this bedside device does exactly that. But Greenberg’s favorite feature is the array of six rear USB ports. “I’ve seen other devices with USB ports on the back, but then you have to run the cable over the side or over it,” he says. “This one was smart enough to create a little space downstairs, just enough for the wires to run through – I have six things charging every night.”

For the neat freak

Disinfection device

Clorox wipes are so 2020. Your favorite germ hunter can now rid their home of bacteria using this UVC light sanitizer. Developed by a team of medical professionals, the device attaches to any smart phone and emits mercury-free UVC LED light that destroys bacteria that lingers on your keyboard, doorknobs, and other high-touch surfaces . Using the brand’s app, says Greenberg, “you can actually see what’s sanitized in real time and get notified when the item is 99.9% sanitized.”

For the guy who leaves WFH life behind

Buttoned dress shirt


Buttoned dress shirt

A classic for a reason, this comfortable buttoning made of ultra-stretch cotton is the kind of item you can’t have too much of, says Lund, and therefore a surefire gift. Thanks to a double-knit mercerized fabric designed to dry quickly and provide consistent body temperature, it’s also “more breathable” than a polyester-spandex blend, she says, and wrinkle-resistant enough to travel well.

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