64 unique gifts for moms who have everything 2022

It’s never too early to start looking for the perfect and unique gifts for mom, especially if she’s the kind of mom who has everything already. While some moms might gush over a nifty coffee mug, scented candles, or lavender-scented body lotion, she’s seen it all and choosing her gift requires a little more thought.

The best gifts for mom are those that will make her feel seen and understood. To get it right, do a little scouting and try to figure out what would make her life a little better or more enjoyable. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money. Gifts as simple as a pair of walking shoes if she likes to walk, a journal to help her relax, or a beauty set for the mom who loves makeup are perfect. Being creative makes all the difference.

Thinking outside the box is our specialty, so even though mom hasn’t left any clues lately, you can still choose something unique and sure to please. The upcoming ideas are full of cult products, bestselling items from super cool brands, and products you might never even have heard of. (A fancy jacket, special candles, or an ASL-themed necklace, anyone?)

And best of all, it all starts at just $7, which means the perfect gift for your mom, wife, sister, or daughter doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. (Oh, and don’t forget the gifts for grandma while you’re at it!)

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